24 Questions From a 24-Year-Old

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading Thought Catalog. I found this post, 27 Questions From a 27-Year-Old that was interesting, especially when you compare these questions to the ones swirling in the mind of an 18-year-old about to embark on the awesomeness of graduation/college. If you have time, read the 50-something who responds in the comments.

So here I go with my own questions. Side note: I almost wrote this post as 23 questions because I somehow can’t register in my own head that I’m 24 years old, although I am not one of those girls who dreads growing older. Funny that I naturally assumed I was younger, when I consider myself to be pretty mature for my age.

Here goes:

1. Will everybody I know get married? I don’t mean like the people I went to high school with, who I really don’t give a shit about, but still like to check in on their page occasionally because I’m bitter and want to see how petty their lives are in comparison to mine. I mean my close friends old and new. If they all get married and I don’t (or vice versa) – can we still remain close despite different life paths?

2. Will my thoughts on wanting children change when I’m older? You know those girls who dream about being a mommy and having another little person around that’s just like them? That’s not me. I don’t have even the slightest urge to give up putting me first, to be 100% responsible for someone else. Goddamn that’s selfish, isn’t it?

3. Am I going to stay in the same job/industry forever? As a millennial I’m supposed to be this “entitled” job-hopper. Most descriptions of millennials offend me. I’m not entitled, in fact, I think I work my ass off. And, in terms of a job, I’d ideally rather stay at the same place for a while. There’s a nice sense of loyalty and comfort in settling into a job the way you settle into phases of your life.

4. By the time I retire, is there even going to be any damn social security money left? Cause if not, I’m boycotting paying into it anymore.

5. What am I going to do when my parents get older? When they die? They are so young for their age and are living life to the fullest. I can’t bear to think how I will handle adulthood without them there, as they have been every step of the way.

6. Will the era of reality TV ever end? Dear god I hope not. My love for Bravo TV is just beyond words.

7. Is the war on terror ever going to end? When Joe gets back, I don’t know that I’ll ever feel the same about war. I hope this anxious feeling I have deep inside goes away when I know he’s safe at home, but now that I have a better glimpse into war, I don’t know if this feeling will ever go away until war ends.

8. Are all of my bad eating habits going to catch up with me one day and make me obese? *As I take this last bite of Lou Malnati’s*

9. Am I still going to be getting into fights with girls when I’m 70? I’m guessing I won’t be at the club pouring drinks on some skank who’s sitting in a VIP booth thinking she’s hot shit, but canes, wheelchairs and bingo can be worthy of a throw-down when you’re old I suppose.

10. Is freedom of speech going to become even more limited because of social media when I’m older? It’s bad enough that nowadays we can’t be passive aggressive about life on Twitter or Facebook because a parent/client/co-worker might see it, but how far will this go? Where can I be on my soapbox without somebody crying like a little sally over it?

11. Will a tornado or earthquake ever happen in Chicago? Apparently there’s some big fault line in Illinois and lately there are plenty of tornado watches in the city. Hrmmm.

12. Am I going to get plastic surgery one day despite my views on boob jobs being a sad sign of insecurity?

13. Are Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry ever going to get hit by a bus or fall of the face of the earth?

14. Will a Mexican-American ever become president?

15. Am I ever going to give a penguin a big hug?

16. Am I ever going to prove my mother wrong when she says, “you can’t have it all, at once?”

17. Will I ever have a midlife crisis? I don’t think I can afford to have the female version of that where lipo, exotic vacations and designer shoes are all involved.

18. Am I gonna have serious wrinkles by 30, cause I have stress lines on my forehead already.

19. Will I ever enjoy running?

20. Will I ever really know what forgiveness feels like? I’ve lost relationships in the past because when I feel betrayed my immediate reaction is to write people off. For good. Those that I’ve reconciled have been only after years have passed or they called me crying. I hope I can grow up a little and learn to move on from things without shutting people out of my life.

21. Will I have close guy friends when I’m older? People say you can’t be close to someone of the opposite sex without something “happening.” I don’t really believe that because I feel like I can be close to guys, but who knows if deep down they just want some.

22. Are you ever too old to BOMO?

23. Will I ever grow a pair and crowdsurf, bungee jump or sky dive?

24. Will I still be blogging in 24 years?


What are your questions?



Staycation in Chicago

What a week!

I’ve reached the end of my very first Staycation and it’s bittersweet.

Last year, I went on Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (rating: good, but wouldn’t go back) and while I missed the sunny/high of 85 temperature on this staycation in the city, I couldn’t be more happy I took time off and got to see Joe. It’s been a while since I literally had 7 week-days off from school or work. With Joe back from Afghanistan we had a lot of catching up to do, but made plans to hit up as many places in Chicago as we could. For me, this was the perfect opportunity to introduce him to places/events that he’ll hopefully learn to love when he student teaches here next Spring (fingers crossed). We also semi-lived in the James Hotel which is an awesome place but a sore subject for me because of my missed encounters meeting Bethenny Frankel.

Some highlights from the staycation places we loved:

A spa day!

I’m a very ticklish person. Joe tries to put it nicely by saying I’m “sensitive,” but realistically I’m so weird about people touching my feet that I was pretty nervous about going into my first 90-minute massage. The girls over at Spa Space were really welcoming though. The massage was definitely relaxing and they really took the time to go over what I felt comfortable with. The facial I had included a foot rub (nice perk) and I got some good skincare tips one of which I really need to work on–DRINKING MORE WATER! Also happy to report the nice girl who did our pedicures did not get accidentally hit with a toe while painting my nails 🙂

A penguin encounter.

So okay, I’ll admit it. I have this weird thing about penguins. Like, I think penguins are fucking awesome. A long time ago, I saw MTV Cribs and Wayne Newton was showing his house in Vegas. While I’m sure the house was gorgeous the only part that stuck out was that he had penguins in his backyard, in VEGAS! Ever since then I decided I could potentially own/house penguins myself one day. I think my idea makes perfect sense since I live in Chicago, I mean what better penguin weather is there?! That said, the Penguin Encounter at the Shedd Aquarium gets a big thumbs up. You pay a little more but you get to have one-on-one time with a penguin in a small group of visitors (cute 4-year-olds visiting the Shedd with their grandma). You also get to wear a nice pair of rainboots in case the penguin gets “excited” aka shits on your shoe. So what was seeing a penguin like? AMAZING. It has soft little feathers that puff up and its wing is super smooth. I really had to hold back from picking him up and rubbing his chubby belly and then running away with him. A girl can dream though…

A concert with one of our favorite bands.

This marked my third time seeing Boyce Avenue in concert. I’ve written about seeing them before, but I just can’t promote these guys enough. They do acoustic cover songs of top 40 hits, but also play their own stuff too. Joe found them on YouTube, which is how they got famous to begin with. Only downer to seeing them this time around was that the crowd was bigger (they sold out the Bottom Lounge two nights) which is great for them, but it felt like there were a lot of loud chatty assholes who didn’t really know their music. I could do without them next time.

A trip to my family’s ranch.

It’s not too often that I get to go out to the ranch to see my family when they’re all there, but when I do there’s always something or someone new to check out. New to the ranch tenant list is chickens (“cock-a-doodle-doos” as my niece calls them) in addition to two dogs, cats, and plenty of horses and a pony. It’s funny to me, having all these animals around. Growing up we never had pets and now I see what an integral part of the family they are at the ranch. Maybe penguins should be added next?

A Bulls game.

So I’ve said before that I’m really not into sports. I cheer for the Iowa Hawkeyes and that’s about it. Back in the days of Jordan, Pippen and Rodman, I was a huge Bulls fan because my brothers were and whatever they did was cool-duh! Even back then though, I never got to go to a Bull’s game. Luckily for me, we picked the game against the 76ers last week it was Latino Night! The game was really entertaining and I like that the crowd made it fun too. Despite losing to Philly, I’m glad Joe suggested it. I can definitely get into going to more Bulls’ games, especially when you have sweet seats like we did!

Anyhow, tomorrow I go back to the grind, but I’m not disappointed. I definitely used my time off to sleep, relax and see the people I love. I couldn’t ask for more, except another encounter with my favorite penguin soon.



Things I’m Lovin Lately

This week my brothers get back from Hong Kong (safe and sound, thankfully) and Joe heads back to the states since leaving for Afghanistan last fall. It’s so crazy to think he’s already on his way as I’m writing this. Aside from all that excitement, the last week has given me plenty of “me” time and here are few things I’ve been enjoying:

  • Adele. I’ve been living under a rock and didn’t listen to her music until someone shared this link for her new album Adele 21. You can listen to the whole thing for free thanks to NPR. Adele is amazing and makes me wish I could see her in concert. But instead I’m content with listening to “Hometown Glory” on repeat.
  • One Day by David Nicholls. I have been in a non-reading funk ever since my trip to the Printers’ Row Book Fair (last summer) and this book has got me back into the reading groove. I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved this book. I can’t do it justice with a full review because I think I’m still processing what it means to me personally. But hopefully this review (from the New York Times) will help convince you to read it. I also can’t wait for the movie to come out this summer. Only disappointment is that Anne Hathaway will play Em and I just didn’t imagine looking like Anne Hathaway who I don’t find funny or attractive.
  • Pinterest. Do you like Tumblr? Do you use idea boards for inspiration? Or just like looking at pretty things? One of the perks of my job is learning about cool new sites from the early adopters themselves (aka my co-workers). I’m still not sure if/how I will use this site for productivity (which I think is the real purpose) but in the meantime, when I go on it, I get a smile on my face. So sign up, let me know if you joined so I can follow your boards and enjoy!

Also want to send some thoughts/prayers to everyone affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I had my own little related scare this week when my family couldn’t get in touch with my brothers and have been following the news daily. If you haven’t already, here’s some cool ways to donate and send relief their way.

God bless everybody,


To Maddox

Dear Maddox,

Happy birthday (soon) little guy. I can’t begin to tell you how shocked I am that it’s already been years since I got a phone call from your dad that changed our whole family’s life. In one swoop you took the “baby of the Hurtado household” crown away from me–one I gracefully held for 19 years, yo! Looking back, I don’t think anything could have made your dad or our family any happier. You’re the first grandchild (you know how lucky you are that grandma lets you ride your bike in the house?), the beginning of a second generation of Hurtado’s (the extension of greatness), and most importantly, our first “guerito.”

While you’re very young and don’t yet understand what it is that makes our family so unique, I want you to look back one day and know that we love you more than words can say. We’d do anything to see you each and every day and pray that one day, we’ll all be a little closer.

Thank you for being my 6 a.m. wake-up call on Saturdays (coincidentally when I’m hungover and could use a glass of water), for asking the questions that make us stop and think (“Do you kiss Joe at night?”), for also taking another crown from me as “pickiest eater ever,” and most importantly, for all of the joy you bring us.

Love you monkey,


Twenty Eleven

A little gym inspiration

A year ago, I did what many people do on New Year’s Eve. Bought a hot dress, paid too much for an all-you-can-drink/eat wristband at a club and ventured out into the freezing Chicago winter with my friends. Despite everyone coming together, I somehow managed to start crying at midnight. Not out of happiness, not because I was drunk and emotional (I had one full drink the entire night) but because I knew the imminence of what was to come in 2010. And I was scared.

2010 was a year I could not have possibly expected and planned for compared to the last few. In one big swoop I moved out of good ol’ mom and dad’s, became a city girl, was rewarded for working my ass off at work, surprised myself at the projects and challenges I handled with a new role, and in my personal life, dealt with my long distance relationship turning onto a brand new road.

We’re now two weeks into the new year and I feel like its been so much longer. 2011 has already started off like getting hit by a bus full of sad discoveries, angry confessions and e-mails. So while the LDR is now in the middle of a huge turning point (and there’s basically nothing I can do about it until March), work has temporarily become life and my friendships need a little TLC, I’m determined to find something really positive to focus on. My solution–the GYM.

This whole gym thing is a new experience for me. Minus pretending to know what the hell I was doing for credit in high school, I’ve never gone to gyms or regularly exercised (no team sports for this girl). Realistically, I’d just like some endorphins and better sleep, but it seems like people are definitely not there for the same reasons. There’s lots of staring at one another (insecure much?), grunting (yes, we see you benching 200 lbs.), and naked women walking around the locker room. I’m glad they are secure with their bodies–I mean seriously I hope my goods are still hot at 40–but do you really need to walk around a locker room in just your thong? If I’m being completely ridiculous here, let me know…its just been a bit of a shock stepping into the locker room and seeing more nakedness in five minutes than I have all through college.

Hoping that I stick to this whole gym thing although I’m sure the odds are against me, and most people are probably expecting me to quit. For the record, I still don’t know how to successfully start “quick start” and get the TV on (seriously, I think that machine was broken). However, I’m telling myself I want to be able to hold a plank position and not be the first weak ass in my class to fall out of formation. Sounds like a pretty good goal to me, what do you think?

– Gloria

Thoughts on a Plane

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately. For work not for play. Not that I’m complaining.

Because I’m on a plane twice a week I’ve had a lot of time to think about random things I see and snoop on.

For example. I’m sitting on a smaller plane basically filled with business travelers. I can tell that’s what we all are because everyone has a carry-on and a laptop bag. No kids in sight. Only a handful of us are women. I never thought about the gender gap in the workplace, but travelling has showed me that there’s plenty more men who have positions where they travel. Or am I wrong? More on that later.

Another thought. I’m the youngest person on this plane by about, oh, ten years (I’m guessing). What does that say about me, my job, my career? I’m pretty lucky, huh?

I’m also one of the few people in jeans. Thank god for business casual at work.

Back to the gender thing. I snooped at the man sitting next to me. He’s emailing his wife with “I love you and the boys how is everyone doing?” Minutes later she responds and I look over and see that one of their sons has been up all night sick and she’s been up with him. I also catch the front end of her email signature and there’s “SVP” in it.

This brings on more thoughts. This guy is married to an SVP. Can you say power couple? Yet—she’s the one up at night with the kids? There’s nothing wrong with that, I’m sure he’s a good dad and obviously he was travelling so she was home with the kids. But I can’t help but think, is that why there are so few women on this plane? Because when you’re in a position of power as a woman, but you’re also a mom you miss out on the travelling for work and other career opportunities?

I imagine SVPs are busy. I can’t imagine the workload of an SVP after having been up all night with a sick child. I get tired just thinking about it.

Granted I have no child rearing experience, but the thought of it scares me. I barely get enough sleep now and I’m supposed to be a “care-free” 20 something. How the hell am I going to work for the man and raise kids and get sleep?

I had a mom who was there waiting for me when I got home from school, dinner going on the stove, dishes set out and clothes washing. AND she worked full-time through the time I was in middle school. Am I going to be a mom as remotely as good as she?

It’s nearing 6 o’clock and its dark out on the ground but when the plane reaches an altitude above the clouds I get to see the sun setting. It’s the most amazing part of my flight on Thursdays. When we get closer to landing, the plane comes in from the lake and the city lights look awesome from the window. Clearly I’m still a newbie because I’m the only one glued to the window staring…




Anyone who follows me on Twitter pretty much knows I’m a huge Iowa Hawkeyes fan. People that know me in real life probably find it strange that I love Iowa Hawkeye football so much considering I can’t stand to watch any other sport. That’s right, I’ve never been to Wrigley (the actual stadium), I don’t watch/care for the Bears and the only time I’ve seen ESPN is because I’m around someone who I can’t make change the channel. To be fair, I didn’t grow up in a family of people who watch/care for/play sports other than the Bulls in the 90s.

When I decided to go to Iowa for college I was shocked at how much people in Iowa LOVE their football. I think it has something to do with the fact that they don’t have a professional football team, but whatever the reason, if you’re there you love the Hawkeyes although that’s not hard to do when there’s so much community spirit. For example, Homecoming is a celebration by the entire eastern half of the state and you’ll see everyone from babies to great-great-grandparents decked out in Hawkeye gear heading across the river to Kinnick stadium on game day.

Having graduated, going back for Homecoming this year was bittersweet. I felt excited to relive college nights but at the same time I noticed things have changed. New little boutiques have popped up on campus, new university buildings have gone up and the cops seem a little stricter. Hell, even the bars are all 21 and up now. Does everyone else feel weird going back to campus?

Tailgating is obviously the best part of any college football game and my friends and I hit up a few spots while managing to get a little flippy cup in for old times sake. I’ll admit I’m a little rusty so maybe we should all start getting together to play in the city? I will warn that I like to play with mixed drinks cause I’m not much of a beer gal.

One more note I wanna make is that I owe A HUGE THANK YOU to Geni for not only being an awesome hostess, but for always being a cool Iowa chick. We miss you Geni and we’re all rooting for your next locale to be the Windy City!