Who me?

About this blog:

In one way or another, I’ve always been writing — from 3rd grade texts on my Casio Message Sender Diary to being over dramatic about life on Xanga…and here we are. This blog is a collection of random things about my life, mainly written on a whim. Sometimes I start posts and never finish them because they stop feeling right. Some aren’t even meant for an audience, but you get to read them anyway.

About me:

After a few years of living here, I think it’s finally okay to say I’m a Chicagoan. By day I work in PR/social media which makes saying anything online a little tricky–and by that I mean, don’t take everything I say so seriously–they’re only my opinions. I love reality TV, fashion, dancing, trivia, reading real books (sometimes checked out from CPL), driving fast and exploring the city.

A little more…

I tumble. I support. And I pin like crazy.

Questions? Comments?

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