Holiday Entertainment

Sometimes holidays are the best time to do quality things like binge watch TV and movies in between holiday dramas. This year, I traveled for work in mid-December and picked up bronchitis making myself pretty immobile yet prime for holiday entertainment.

I’m finally on the mend thanks to antibiotics and Joe not smothering me in my sleep, so here are the hits and misses:

Making A Murder: If you haven’t heard about this one you’ve been living under a rock. Netflix’s latest docu-series tells the story of Steven Avery – a man who served 18 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit. DNA evidence proved his innocence. He’d later sue the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department for essentially pinning the rape on him without a real investigation. But the real story begins there. If you have a brain and even half a conscious you come to understand that the Sheriff’s department planted evidence against him in a new murder, coerced his nephew into a confession and sent his ass to jail for life. Okay really 12 jurors with no brain did the last part. I still feel sick about the injustice here and I don’t know what average people like us can do other than boycott Wisconsin. I’m still remembering details from each episode and thinking, “oh my god, that’s so messed up!”

Joy: If I had paid to watch this in a theater I’d be annoyed that I spent my money on it. I love me some J. Law and her standing up for equal pay and all, but her playing a woman in her mid-30s misses the mark and pisses me off. Are there no award-winning blonde women closer to Joy’s actual age? Also this movie is so choppy and lacking a structured storyline. I wanted more about her family, more about what happens after she’s rich. I’m too smart for this mediocrity.

Concussion: First, my hat goes off to Will and Jada. They are the real MVPs lately. Have you seen this interview with Jada? She gives me hope about life (with kids?)! But back to the movie. Will is my Beyoncé of cinema. He kills it every time. And this time he keeps me entertained on a topic I’ve only just begun to care about because I’m paid to–football. Watch your sons on the field, concussions are scary!

Narcos: If you liked Blow (the movie with Johnny Depp) for the history of it all, you’ll like Narcos. If you still haven’t seen Blow, don’t talk to me until you do.

The Big Short: Admittedly, when the housing market went to shit in 2008, I was preoccupied being a college student and don’t remember any of what happened. Flash forward to 2015 and being a homeowner has opened my eyes to the realities of government, taxes and banks! This is a great cast telling an important story. It even has fun celebrity appearances by Selena Gomez, Anthony Bourdain and Margot Robbie who explain just how the hell this all happened in layman’s terms.

I’ve got a stack of books on my nightstand coming up soon, so let me know what your reading and watching because there isn’t anything good on until mid-January. Just kidding, I’m secretly watching The Bachelor tomorrow.


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