My Chicago Beauty Week

Cheers to the weekend! As if this last week wasn’t already jam packed with work and outings, it somehow turned out to be quite the beauty adventure and it all started with a haircut!

Epoch Studio Salon (1147 W. Ohio St.)

After extensive research on ombre color specialists and hours reading Yelp, I found Beth Stock of Epoch last December and couldn’t be happier. More on my first visit to Epoch here, but I kicked off my beauty week with a haircut with Beth. As I’m getting back to longer length, I did the logical thing–cut some off. Layers help me feel better about my lazy hair routine of washing/drying at night and touching up with a flat iron in the morning. When I have layers, everything just looks a little more “done.” In advance of this appointment, Epoch let me know they were in temporary space at Golden Girl Chicago. Lucky for me this meant they were offering a complimentary airbrush tan (more on that below)! As always, Epoch was in touch before my appointment and the blowdry I got from Beth lasted days (without hairspray, mind you). You just can’t top going to a professional like her!

Epoch Details:

  • First timers receive a discount on their services (10% off)
  • If you refer someone they get a discount ($20/women, $10/men) on their services and you receive 20% off your next service.

Benefit Brow Bar (Macy’s, 111 N. State St.)

While I live near a Benefit boutique (which I highly recommend for their waxing), I’ve never tried their brow services. This week, I got to tag along (read: provide moral support) for a co-worker who was going to get her eyebrows tinted for the first time. She was a brow “virgin” if you will, never having used powders, pencils or tints to fill in her brows. When she told me she was interested in trying it, I jumped at the chance to be a “brow ambassador.” As some of you already know, brows are everything.

Benefit Details:

  • This brow bar location does not take appointments.
  • When we got there, they said it was a 30-40 minute wait. We agreed to wait and they pulled out a sign-in sheet to take our info and call when they were ready. The sheet looked a lot like an appointment book to me.
  • The tech was friendly and patiently let us grill her with newbie questions.
  • Unlike past trips to Benefit, there were no hard sells on purchasing makeup.

Goldplaited (2803 N. Sheffield)

If I haven’t already mentioned it here, I LOVE Dabble. Back in November, I was looking for something fun for Joe and I to do on our anniversary and soon learned they have all kinds of activities to try for dates, girls nights or just self improvement. I was randomly browsing and saw Goldplaited was holding hair and beauty how-to classes. As blowdry or “finishing salons” are popping up all over Chicago right now, it’s been nice to see a range of prices and services suitable for any budget. Goldplaited’s Gal on the Go: Hair & Makeup Timesavers class was $20 and included a few glasses of champagne and a lipstick bar. THIS GIRL IN LIPSTICK? Yes, I know it’s shocking. Take a good look cause you won’t see red lips often!


Goldplaited Details:

  • The location is super accessible (right off the Diversey Brown Line stop).
  • The salon is owned by two sisters who were both involved with the class and getting to know everyone. Something about an entrepreneurial sister duo made me happy to give them my business.
  • The make-up tips were great for beginners (BB cream, brows, etc.), but I did learn a trick or two from their hair style lessons.
  • They have plenty of other classes you can try here.

Golden Girl Chicago (160 N. Halsted)

Who turns down a free airbrush tan? Not me. When Epoch offered a complimentary service with Golden Girl, I immediately started my research. Spray tan preparation is no joke. Exfoliation is key, but I soon learned my trusty Dove soap could mess with the coloring so out I went to purchase a mild body wash and lotion. The experience itself was interesting. I think Brazilian waxes really are the most “naked” you can feel in front of an esthetician, so this didn’t feel that uncomfortable except for the BRISK air on your chest. The results were good–I’m tan without any hint of orange. Since I use bronzer everyday, I’m not afraid of a little color and could have been okay with another coat on my face and feet, but otherwise very pleased with the results.

Golden Girl Details:

  • My appointment was with Lola who really made me feel comfortable and confident in what could be an awkward 20 minutes. Would definitely book with her again!
  • Golden Girl will soon be launching nail and blowdry services too so check them out! A big thanks to Jenn, the owner, who gave Dani and I a complimentary preview on Friday!

Have you had any beauty services lately? I’m always looking for something new to try!


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