Where Has The Time Gone?

Really it’s more like where is my time going? It’s been a little over two years since my last post. Seems like so much longer.

Rather than try to remember and recap everything that’s changed in my life since then, I want to start writing down all of my goals for 2014. Yes, the New Year ‘s Resolution bandwagon. Statistically, 40% of people make resolutions but only 8% achieve them. So here goes nothing:

  • KIT. Remember what this meant in the pages of your yearbook? We have every form of communication at our fingertips, but keeping in touch seems overwhelming and has not been a priority. I want to change that. It’s my own fault if people that are important to me seem distant and news on their lives comes from Facebook. I have to do a better job of reaching out, and my first step will be email. I’m often missing calls and occasionally ignoring others knowing I don’t have enough time to give to the person on the other end as much as I’d like. So rather than try to schedule it, I’d rather do it in my own time via email with the hopes the other person will be cool with this method. At least it’s start right?
  • Health. In the last two years I’ve: visited a dermatologist for the first time and finally got a skin problem diagnosed, had my first root canal, had all four wisdom teeth removed and had my eyes checked so many times I was finally prescribed medicated drops. We’re gettin older and with each passing year more and more health problems pop up. I’m determined to be more “preventative” in my healthcare. That means, continuing dental visits regularly, because what more can they possibly pull out now?, finding a new  gyno in the city, getting physicals and speaking up when the doctor asks, “Is there anything you want to ask about?” On the weight front–I am at my “scary” weight. By that I mean the weight I never thought I’d reach personally and it scares me. The number itself isn’t scary, it’s not that weighing this is wrong or bad, it’s how quickly I got here. Seems like every season now I’m squeezing into clothes that just fit a year ago and I’m fed up. I got a gym membership at the beginning of 2013 and have actually been going more regularly than my last attempt in 2011 (2x week minimum). I will continue even though my pants are discouraging.

And on the list of things on my mind, with no real resolution to make except to keep on moving:

  • Life Planning. All around me life plans are coming to fruition. It’s exciting, surreal, and yes, a bit overwhelming though aren’t even my own. My friends are moving into new phases of our post-college lives, and they range all across the board–babies, dogs, homes and relocating. My life plan for a very long time included graduating, moving to Chicago and starting a career. Well, I’m here. I have a lingering question mark hanging over me that shines, “What’s next?” Joe and I moved in together in February (officially) in our own place. It’s been such a learning experience. When he was overseas, I prayed and tried to imagine the day when this would finally happen. No more long distance, no more short distance, no more one weekend a month trips, just him and I together. And here we are. Moving in with someone was in many ways what people said it would be –same as before–and in some ways different. On good days, I am so beyond grateful to wake up next to him, to have help with everything, to have someone to come home to on shitty days. On rough days, I miss some independence, control over the TV and my ability to avoid fast foods and snack cakes. With Joe recently going back to school, I’m excited for his future. It’s been a rough year and half for him, but I know he’s one of the most hard working people I know (talking to you future employers) and we will get through this phase like we have all the rest.

One comment

  1. Eliza Grey · December 3, 2013

    Yay! Love these posts and welcome back! Cheers to your goals, you can absolutely achieve them. Miss you already girl.

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